Results from Schools Participating in the Learning Connections Program

The preliminary research undertaken by teachers in Queensland schools provides strong prima facia evidence that the Learning Connections School Program has a positive impact with a range of children, from those with learning difficulties through to average achievers, and even high achievers.

Great Results for Prep Children Participating in the Learning Connections Program!

We are pleased to report some great results achieved by prep children at two schools participating in the Learning Connections School Program in 2008.

147 children from Coombabah State School and Coomera Anglican College undertook the program between February and September 2008. The children ranged in age from 4.5 to 6 years.

The children were pre and post tested for performance on a range of skills using The Kindergarten Screening Test (TKS). The TKS is a standardised Australian instrument which measures gains in performance on a set of performance measures:

Early year tests were undertaken in February 2008 and late year tests in September and October 2008.

The children’s results – their improvement in performance - were compared to the TKS norms for expected improvement in performance from early to late year.

The average improvement for all children participating in Learning Connections programs from early year to late year across all skills was 38.2%. These results compare very favourably with the Australian test norms, which show an average expected improvement of 22.6% from early to late year.

The average improvement in performance on the individual sub-tests is shown in the table below, comparing the Learning Connections group to the TKS Australian average expected improvement in performance.

Skill Test L.C. Group average gain TKS Australian average expected gain
Outside motor skills 52.3% 22.0%
Fine motor skills 33.3% 15.0%
Oral language 29.9% 11.7%
Paper / pencil skills 44.6% 49.2%
Ability to work independently, follow directions,  attend quietly and complete 38.1% 13.5%

The results show that on average Prep children who participate in Learning Connections Programs outperform expected norms in every category except paper and pencil skills. These results highlight the positive effect sensory motor activities and primary reflex integration have in the development of gross and fine motor skills, language development and adaptive classroom behaviour.

Results Teachers Have Reported For The Learning Connections School Program: